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Background and Necessity of Foundation
The R & D Center is dedicated to developing soy sauces and relevant food. In particular, it uses Changnyeong’s specialty onion to develop onion-based sauces, which goes beyond controlling the quality of existing products. The purpose of its foundation is to develop higher value-added soy sauces in an attempt to achieve objectives such as soy sauce development and technical transfer to local companies during the Changnyeong Onion Sauce Project of the Regional Innovation System (RIS) hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy to innovate in the regional soy sauce industry and, therefore, revitalize the regional economy.
The R & D Center conducts the following: controls the quality of existing products, develops a new onion-based sauce related to the RIS project for the Changnyeong onion-based sauce industry, conducts research on the feasibility and effects of onion sauces, and improves existing onion sauces.
Specialized Fields
1. Onion-based sauce development
2. New functional sauce development (soy sauces, soy pastes, and other sauces)
3. Onion beverage development
4. Efficacy assessment of newly developed products

Three Main One-year Research Tasks after the Filing Date

Year Task Description R & D Cost
(KRW million)
2007 Make brewed soy sauce using activated carbon and observe the color degree by storage period As consumers prefer light-colored soy sauce, this task is to develop a method of lightening the color of soy sauce and observing the color changes by storage period accordingly. 5.0
Develop soy sauce mixed with vinegar in small packages of 5–10 mL for dumplings This is to commercialize soy sauce mixed with vinegar in small packages that can be carried in a lunch box or for dumplings by finding its optimal mixing proportion and adopting a small packer. 30.0
Research microbial distribution by the standard of soy sauce in each season This is to survey microbial distribution by the standard of soy sauce in each season to secure basic data for the adoption of the HACC System. 10.0

Laboratory at a Glance

  • 10L_Fermentor

  • Decomposition tank

  • Digital salimeter

  • Distillation system

  • Ultra–low-temperature

  • auto_clave

  • Electronic scale

  • cleanbench

  • Kjeldahl_Distillation_unit

  • dry_oven