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What is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)?
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP is a sanitary control system designed for the intensive management of processes and stages that decisively harm finished products. In other words, HACCP examines the factors that may arouse safety issues in order to prevent harmful materials from being mixed with or contaminating applicable food at each stage, ranging from manufacturing, processing, preservation, cooking and distribution to final delivery to consumers.

The HACCP System covers the comprehensive sanitary control of food manufacturing and processing as well as cooking methods in order to ensure not only food safety and sanitation management but also the general sanitation control of facilities and a lot more.
Establish independent sanitary control systems
It is possible to establish systematic sanitary control systems independent of the existing government-directed sanitary supervision.
Manufacture clean and safe food
It is possible to produce food that guarantees sanitation and safety by clearing up and removing the expected harmful factors in a scientific and effective manner.
Promote intensive sanitary control and effectiveness
It is possible to maximize the efficiency of the sanitary control system by intensively managing the stages that are likely to cause a risk in advance instead of controlling all stages.
Improve the corporate image with enhanced credibility
It is possible to maximize the corporate image with credibility, which appeals to consumers, by attaching the logo of the HACCP System Certification to the packaging of products that meet the HACCP System Standards and advertising them.
Provide consumers with safe food
Consumers can eat food produced through the HACCP System because this system ensures the maximized safety and sanitation of food.
Lay a foundation for food choice
Consumers can judge and choose safe food themselves through the logo of the HACCP System Certification marked on the packaging of products.