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Sungsim Master Food promises to make infinite endeavors to become a future-oriented company based on its outstanding history.

We at Sungsim Master Food are pleased to introduce our products to all visitors of our Web site. Although its contents are not diverse and informative yet, we will continue to provide new and useful information to consumers. Sungsim Master Food manufactures soy sauces, sauces, vinegars, and beverages, as well as various types of Changnyeong onion-based sauces and vinegar. Since its foundation in 2003, we have been dedicated to food safety and sanitation. Consequently, in 2009, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certified that Sungsim Master Food was in conformance with the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System Standards. To overcome a limit as an SME, we will open our research institute by intensively investing in research and development so as to unveil more various products to consumers. Tabasco sauce, the epitome of hot sauce in the United States, is our role model. The Tabasco brand is solely well known to people all over the world for its hot pepper sauce. We will do our utmost efforts to make our brand stand tall globally just as Tabasco and to realize preferred tastes. One of our vocations is to manufacture safe and clean food. Food manufactured wholeheartedly can enrich your life. To make our future plans come true, we need your encouragement and support. We will carefully listen to your voices. We will strive to realize our dream of becoming a future-oriented company based on our outstanding history.

Thank you again for visiting our Web site.